Wednesday, September 13, 2006

World Christianity in St. Louis

In addition to the recently formed institutes devoted to the study of world Christianity in the global south -- Calvin College's Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity and New York Theological Seminary's Center for World Christianity -- Saint Louis University professor Michael J. McClymond's vision, organizing, and collaboration led to the formation of The Institute for World Christianity. According to its website, the institute "exists to heal divisions and to promote mutual understanding and fruitful collaboration among Christian leaders from all cultures, regions, and traditions." In addition, the institute will hold a consulation for emerging church leaders in January.

Here's the blurb: "An important event in the life of the Institute is the annual Consultation for Emerging Leaders. The IWC week-long January consultation will be a select gathering up to 70 younger Christian leaders (mostly under 35 years of age) who will (1) pray and worship the Lord together, (2) listen to and learn from one another about what God is doing in churches throughout the world, and (3) develop new strategies and plans during the week for their own fields of ministry and Christian service. The food and housing costs in St. Louis will be met by the IWC, and, in most cases, the travel expenses to and from St. Louis will also be covered."

This is surely a notable development, and will not doubt lead to fruitful conversation, interesting collaboration, and continue the conversation about the multiform expressions of Christiainty in the global south.