Wednesday, October 22, 2008


One of my favorite musicians released 4 songs yesterday from new record called Shattered. The remaining songs will come out sometime in 2009. There's nothing like Hasidic Jewish reggae with deep spiritual wisdom and biblical history woven into it. And beatboxing, and more beatboxing.

This record has a newer, more mature sound; its deeper, thicker, and more complicated with a crisper, clearer Caribbean sound.

Matisyahu is a storyteller, a traveling spiritual guide, in so many ways a prophet for the 21st century.

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Anonymous said...


I had just finished downloading the free song of his website when I read this post. Strange! His new stuff is really great. Do you plan to see him when he comes to Houston? I already bought my tickets for his show here in Nashville!


Phil said...

Glad to hear you will make his show in Nashville. Unfortunately, no Matis show for me this time around in Houston. Perhaps next year if/when he comes. Let me know how the Nashville show is.

Anonymous said...

I need to introduce you to rap or hip hop I see.

myleswerntz said...


I have a friend here who's interested in doing stuff on Osteen as the new revivalism. I'd love to put you two in touch.

Hope all is well in H-town.


myleswerntz said...

oh, email me at and i'll make the introduction.