Wednesday, September 04, 2013

95 Theses for Christian Racial & Ethnic Unity: #38

White healing necessarily passes through a pedagogy of horror or it passes nowhere. . .The passage to racial maturity, to multicultural competency, to real-world democracy in a world of real differences, for white people lies through a rite of initiation. . .White identity can return to itself, at peace, only through a dark night of the soul, of fighting against flight.  Its stigmata, its sight of having fought without reserve, will be a limp at dawn.  Its truth will be its dislocation, the breakup, without any severance, of its strength. 

James W. Perkinson, White Theology: Outing Supremacy in Modernity (New York: Palgrave, 2004), 186-187.

[Read the Introduction to 95 Theses for Christian Racial & Ethnic Unity here.]

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