Thursday, September 04, 2008

Of Hope, Humility, and Reconciliation

Over at God's Politics, some recent posts and conversations related to racial justice offer hope, humility, and the possibility of reconciliation.

Jason and Vonetta Storbakken, and interracial couple and founders of Radical Living in Brooklyn, recently challenged progressive white leaders of the New Monasticism movement to release the reigns of power, and listen more intently to the marginalized "minority" voices in their communities. Read their post here.

On the struggling road for justice, divestment of power and from privilege can bring hope, necessitates humility, and makes reconciliation possible. And it's hard for white folks to do.

Shane Claiborne has responded to the Storbakken's post (and here too), and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (who I intereviewed at baldblogging earlier this year in three posts; read here, here, and here) has posted as well.

With Shane and Jonathan (and others), I hope we can "pass the mic."

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