Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer Goings-on

Returned from the CTS convention late last night after a cancelled flight and a lot of waiting in the Atlanta airport. I understand it's the busiest airport in the world, and after witnessing the surges of people here and there, I can see why.

The conference went well, I thought, and it was an interesting experience being among theologians, priests, and several nuns. I had a number of good conversations about teaching. Apparently the CTS gives annual awards for books and articles, and the two award winners, Bill Portier and William Shea, both wrote on topics dealing with "evangelical Catholics." My conference paper examined the other side of the coin -- "catholic evangelicals." I hope the conversation continues at next year's meeting.

Groggy-eyed but caffinated, this morning I began my annual summer gig -- teaching a 6-week U.S. history course to high school students who wish to get ahead. I give students the option of reading an outside book for extra credit; they have to write a 5-page book report and then I give an oral evaluation/discussion/quiz for each book. In addition to Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death, I've added some new books to this summer's list: Roy Moore's So Help Me God, Stephen Mansfield's The Faith of the American Soldier, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove's To Baghdad and Beyond: How I Got Born Again in Babylon, and Cornel West's Democracy Matters.

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