Friday, July 11, 2008

Blogging Bonanza

Recently, I put together yet another blog: One Nation, Many Faiths. It is a class blog for my upper-level U.S. religious history class at the University of Houston. Stop by and feel free to join the conversations. Let me know what you think, too.

I've also been reading the new blogs of several folks I know. The former dean of students at Second Baptist School (now of Parkview Baptist School), a close friend, consistent confidante, and prolific author Nathan Barber just started a blog about educational leadership in the 21st century. The conversation is really good there.

Jim Brown, one of my new colleagues in the history department at Second Baptist School (and frequent guest over at The Proletarian), is blogging over at The Agora. I look forward to getting to know Jim better, and reading his great thoughts.

A former student of mine is doing a college-for-high-schoolers program at the University of Mississippi and is blogging about it. It is great to see such a deep desire for learning.

And, as I indicated in a previous post, John Fea, my friend and co-editor at Religion in American History, has started a blog about his first book, The Way of Improvement Leads Home. The posts have been, much like John, witty, insightful, funny, and informative.


Anonymous said...

"one nation, many faiths" is very impressive. Look forward to reading, commenting, and visiting your class.

Phil said...

Thanks. That reminds me, I need to send you a syllabus.

John Fea said...

Thanks for the plug, Phil!