Sunday, September 30, 2007

New+Addition: A September to Remember

It seems hard to believe that I had a similar post about two years ago. Well, here's another.

Nathaniel Luke arrived last Thursday. Everyone is thrilled, and doing well, and my wife is an amazing woman. Nathaniel joins big brothers Matthew and Alex, and big sister Madeline.
Nathaniel is far too young to have his own blog, but a fine youngster named Will is already at it. Good work DEG!


Jasie said...

Congrats to you and Jenni, everyone looks gorgeous!

DEG said...

Congrats, y'all! Beautiful child...

And Will sends along his thanks for the link.

Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS (again). I look forward to an opportunity to photograph you're family. Kisses to everyone!!! -NRT

Anonymous said...


Hey Phil,

Congratulations to you and Jenni!! Praise GOD that both Jenni and Nathaniel are doing well. Ha ha ha, I remember earlier this year when I said, "May your tribe increase" and you responded that you were doing your part and child number 4 was on the way. I'm glad that everyone is healthy. Keep up the good work my brother. If your kids turn out to be anything at all like their father, then we are on our way to seeing this world become a better place.



Anonymous said...

What a family!!! Great job Phil!

Phil said...

Jasie, thanks for the good thoughts. Hopefully you'll get a chance to meet Nathaniel soon. Your mom came by to see us the day after he was born; great to see her again.

D, thanks. Perhaps we can compare notes at some point on sleepless nights from new babies AND dissertations! :)

Nicole, thanks for stopping by. Love to have you snap photos of the family. Best to you and your little one, and feel free to send along photos.

Shlomo, thanks always for the encouraging thoughts and always having the right words to say. Blessings, my friend, to you too.

Eddie, thanks; look forward to collaborating in the classroom soon!