Monday, November 28, 2005

Feminist and Christian (and Emergent/Emerging)

My good friend and graduate-student-in-history colleague Lauran, who is also into musing, recently began a series on "Why I'm a Feminist." She's also done some important writing on women and the Emergent/Emerging Church/Movement.

You should visit her blog. Often.


APN said...

Yes. Absolutely. I rather do agree. Read Lauran's material often. While I say such things as her friend, I also say them because I mean them.

acuriouschild said...

i was just looking through blogs to read the posts of some blue like jazz fans because quite frankly that book changed my life, and i have another GREAT suggestion for you...Pete Gall's new book, entitled Gall, just give it a look, it will knock your socks off!

Rococoaster said...

Someone at school asked me just this week, "You're not like a feminazi are you?" Um No! I said, but I am a feminist. Is that a Rush-ism? Because I hate that term!
Peace out!