Monday, September 19, 2005

After the After Evangelicalism Conference

I arrived home yesterday from my fifth conference this year, the After Evangelicalism conference held at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I presented a paper on the Emergent church and global Christianity and some of my research on evangelical ecumenicity. I received some engaging questions and helpful feedback. Contact me if you wish to read a copy of either (or both) papers, though I will probably eventually post them at the thinktank.

While it is always nice to present research at conferences, it was especially nice at this conference to meet and hang with fellow blogger-scholars: Anthony, Steve, Bryan, and Keelan. Come to find out, we are all younger evangelicals with ancient-future perspectives of various kinds. The journey has only just begun.

I also shared a brief conversation with another blogger-scholar: Scot. Unfortunately, Lauran was not able to make it to the conference, but those interested should contact her about some fascinating research on gender and the Emergent church. Also unfortunate was the cancelled flights of D.G. Hart, who was to deliver one of the plenary address. At least copies of his paper were made available.

Another highlight was to hear and hang out with Robert Webber. Not only are his thoughts challenging, revolutionary, and worthy of wide attention, he's a delightful soul. In addition, it was a pleasure meeting and talking with Latina evangelical and scholar Arlene Sanchez Walsh. I appreciated her challenging words with respect to the Latino/a presence in evangelicalism's narrative, and her call for (younger) scholars tell the stories of Latino/a evangelicals. All should read her work and listen to her wit and wisdom.

I also read through the galley proofs of Ryan Bolger and Eddie Gibb's book on Emerging churches, due out with Baker in December. It was a quick read, and helpful for further defining and articulating the movement.


Andrew Jones said...

love to read it. can you send me a copy?

Phil said...


Shoot me an email and I'll get the papers (?) to you.